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Notice No.07/2020-21 23/05/2020


The Accounts Office will be accepting fees from Tuesday, 26th May, 2020. Please note the following :

• Timings for fee collection : 10:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m.

• The payment may be made through Cash or Credit Card.

Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal


Notice No.06/2020-21 13/05/2020

Let us be together

Let's see a dream together,

Let's fight a battle together,

Let's create a world together,

And let's live this life together!

We know how difficult it has been to adapt to this unknown world in the last few days. But, Birla High School, as a family has fought it and will be fighting it out with hope for a better and safer tomorrow. Till then, be happy and healthy. We hope this message from us will rekindle your strength and revive your pursuit so that you can make the world a brighter place.


From Your Teachers with Love.

Notice No.05/2020-21 28/04/2020

Notice For Parents

29th April,2020

Dear Parents,

We refer to our earlier circular dated 15th April, 2020, we have further taken the opportunity to examine the situation as it exists in the present context. We now list hereunder, the policy the school has decided to follow at this time in respect of fees chargeable and their payments.

You are of course aware of the extensive efforts being made by all our teachers to continue the classes online and we are glad that this is helping the students to keep abreast of their curriculum. We have since received further messages of appreciation from some parents and would like to sincerely thank them for their kind words.

At the moment. as per the Government’s directive, the school will remain shut until 10th June .

As regards the payment of fees the following is the decided position:

1. Parents are well aware of the significant increases in costs all around, particularly in salaries and wages, as mandated by the Authorities, every year. Our policy has been to  keep increases in fees at a minimum possible level keeping in view the mandatory increases and other relevant costs. However, in view of the present exceptional circumstances and as already advised, we shall not charge the increase announced for this year and continue charging at the same level as last year, for the time being.

2. Following additional reductions will also become applicable from April, 2020:

             a. Lab fees for Classes IX to XII

             b. Co-curricular fees for all classes

             c. Electricity surcharge from Classes VI to XII

             d. Computer Fees for all classes                                               

          These charges will of course become payable once the school re-starts.

3. Schedule of Payment: Instead of payment of fees at the beginning of each quarter, we have already advised that the last payment for the 1st quarter may be made not later than 31st July viz. in a time frame of 4 months. This facility of relaxing payment of advance quarterly fees until a month after the quarter ends, will continue for the full year 2020-21 and no late payment charges will be levied.

4. We will also provide the facility of accepting payments on a monthly basis, and also via credit card, should the parents so desire, by the end of each calendar month. The payment will have to be made directly at the Accounts office of the school once it reopens.

Students who have taken admissions in the current year and already made payments at the higher levels, will be given appropriate adjustments in the subsequent quarters.

Before closing, we sincerely hope and trust that all of you remain safe. Please do take good care of yourselves.

We close with our best regards to all,

Loveleen Saigal


Birla High School

Notice No.04/2020-21 26/04/2020

Notice For Parents

Dear parents,

I sincerely hope and pray that all of you are doing well. In a matter of weeks, COVID19 has changed the way of educating students worldwide. The onslaught of this virus has left the entire world in a state of confusion and uncertainty and we as a BHS family are trying our best to come to terms with it.

 The Management and teachers of Birla High School are keeping pace with changing times by incorporating a variety of ways and means to educate our students. Apart from having regular online classes, a plethora of resources are shared including teacher made videos, ppts etc to keep our pupils engaged in a positive and productive manner. We are giving a number of options to our students.

 Life for all of us has changed and the ‘new normal’ has impacted us all- you, our students, our staff and every one across the globe. We are all constantly praying for the end of these trying times! I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement and suggestions through your mails regarding our effort to reach out to our pupils digitally. It is a new domain and a challenge for all of us. I can assure you that very sincere efforts are being made by the teachers to prepare digital content for their pupils.

Since there were issues regarding the use of Zoom as a platform, we explored further and have tried out other ways of reaching out. This is not to create confusion but an attempt to find the best alternative. My earnest request to you is that none of us were prepared for such a time, it took the teachers some time to work on the email ids of students/ parents , as they have just moved into their new classes. As you are coping with no help at hand for domestic chores, you must understand that the teachers are also struggling to manage all fronts. I have been in constant touch with my team and monitoring their efforts.

Some parents have expressed their concern about shared devices at home by themselves / siblings. We at BHS (Senior Section) have decided that all online classes / sharing of content from Monday 27th April till 8th May,’20 will be done between 9 a.m. and 12 noon and again from 3 to 4 p.m. This has been done to structure their timings. On the days they have an online class they will be notified in advance. All classes are supported by digital content which can be viewed later also.

Let our young champions continue to learn at their own pace and bloom beautifully. We are always there to guide them through this unprecedented time and even after. Waiting to be in school with the children post 10th of June till then take care and stay safe.

Wishing you good health and do take all necessary precautions,

Warm regards,

Loveleen Saigal


Notice No.03/2020-21 15/04/2020



Dear Parents,

The entire world is fighting the onslaught of the COVID 19 outbreak and we understand that all of us are going through trying times. Birla High School is trying to reach out to our students in the best possible manner so that they are suitably engaged and academics does not suffer. I would like to thank you for mails/messages of appreciation for the work our teachers are doing.

As you are aware that now the lockdown has been extended to 3rd May,’20 and the school will open post 10th June, ’20. Kindly take note of the circulars which will be put up periodically on the website,

With regard to the fee payment for the Ist quarter -April to June, 2020 :

  • The management has decided to charge the fees as per last year’s fee structure until further notice.

  • The last date for the payment of the first quarter fees has been extended to 31st July, 2020.

  • No late fine charges will be applied and parents can pay online through Campus Care

Hoping that we go back to normalcy as soon as possible. In the meantime let us be safe and take all necessary precautions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal


Notice No.02/2020-21 15/04/2020



This is to inform all B.H.S. and Non B.H.S. students, who have taken admission in Class XI (2020-21) that the Orientation programme, which was scheduled to be held on 18th April, 2020, has been postponed as the Class X board examination for some Boards are yet to be concluded due to the ongoing lockdown. The date for the start of the new session will also be intimated accordingly.

 Please keep checking the school website regularly for further updates.

Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal



Notice No.01/2020-21 06/04/2020

A message from the Counsellors


Hello children! Hope all of you are adjusting to the current situation and following the guidelines as well as the rules and regulations to stay safe and healthy. A greater part of the world is facing a serious threat caused by the Corona virus. The increasing number of people affected and the casualties thereof is quite stressful. Staying indoors 24/7, not being able to go to school, meet and play with friends, etc. are making our lives even more boring. But as you can well understand, it is our responsibility to save ourselves as well as our country and thus we have to stay at home till the time we are allowed to go back to our normal routine life. Meanwhile it is better to utilise this time in a positive and productive way rather than getting bored and stressed.

Sharing with you some guidelines to spend this lockdown period productively:

  • Some free hand exercise, yoga, pranayama, walking on the terrace or garden if possible

  • Spending quality time with your family members at home – watching shows together, playing indoor games, initiating discussion on meaningful topics

  • Helping aged family members like your grandparents, helping your parents with their household work

  • This is the time you can utilise for pursuing your long cherished hobby. Those of you do not have one, this is high time that you develop one

  • Read good story books, watch good movies, listen to music

  • You can also sharpen your drawing and painting skills

  • You can learn to cook your  favourite dish or bake a cake

  • For the potential singer or musician – high time for you to compose something

  • The budding creative writer can also utilise this time writing a story, a poem or even an interesting experience

  • You can also attend short online courses on photography, coding, web development, etc.

  • Please do not neglect your studies. Regular fixed hours of study is a must

  • Follow the virtual classes that your teachers are uploading for you

  • Practice mathematics and number based subjects regularly  

  • Practice English grammar, composition, etc.

  • This is high time you can overcome your weak areas by giving more time to it

  • Focus on one negative aspect of yourself and try to rectify it

  • Eat healthy food, sleep for 7 – 8 hours a day

  • Do not panic, relax. If you feel stressed talk to your parents

  • Please do remember that using mobile phones is not the only way to overcome your boredom. So make a conscious effort to limit mobile phone usage

  • Be positive

  • Stay safe, stay at home


See you soon

Soumita Sinha & Joyeeta Mojumder


Notice No.54/2019-20 27/03/2020

Notice For Book List (Classes VI-XII)(Session 2020-21)



Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal


Notice No.53/2019-20 24/03/2020



  • All B.H.S. students and Non B.H.S. students, who have got admission in Class XI (2020–2021), are hereby informed that the Orientation Programme and Final Registration will tentativelybeheld on18thApril, 2020 (Saturday) at 8:00 a.m. in the school’s auditorium “Vidya‑Mandir”, 1, Moira Street, Kolkata – 700017.

  • Attendance is compulsory for both B.H.S. and Non B.H.S students along with their parents.

  • Students of B.H.S. and Non B.H.S. are to come for the Orientation Programme in school uniform and must be seated along with their parents in the Auditorium on18th April, 2020 (Saturday) at after registering themselves in the Prayer Hall.

  • Please note that the new academic session for the Class XI students will begin from 20th April, 2020(Monday).

​Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal



Notice No.52/2019-20 23/03/2020




Thank you,

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal



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Principal's Message

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal

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