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    This club was introduced in the session 2016-17 for classes VI to VIII and in this new session we have extended it to Students of Class IX as well. This is to allow students to have easy accessibility to robotics and technology in school. This popular club also helps students to develop an interest in Science and Engineering.

    However this club is a paid club since it is conducted by an organisation called Funscholar. Students have to pay Rs. 4800 for whole year, inclusive of the kit which will be provided to the students. This can be paid in two installments of Rs.2400 each. However, those who pay upfront can avail of a discount and pay Rs.4600.

    We have very limited seats for this club and we will enroll them on a “first come first served basis”.


    Founded on 8th April, 2000, the Quiz Club of the school is aptly named "Grey Matter" The name owes its origin to the “little grey cells” in our brain and the colour of the school trousers.
    The club has produced several top notch 'quizzers', some of whom feature in the national arena as well. Some notable laurels earned by the club members include the MP Birla Smarak Kosh Quiz 2014, The ALSOC Quiz organized by the Alumni Association of St. Xavier’s, The K.E. Carmel Quiz, just to name a few.
    The Club aims at training members from a younger level still. Intra-school, Inter-house quizzes for classes 6-10 are held to bring out the hidden potential of the youngsters. With an ever-rising number of members, quizzing in Birla High is well on the path of becoming a common hobby of all the students rather than an elitist sport, an idea which had led to the founding of the club in the first place.


    The English Club of Birla High School aims at encouraging creative thinking in students and developing in them a flair for writing. Reading habits are encouraged in students because a command over the language cannot be developed without regular reading habits. Since a style of writing can only grow with regular habits of practicing writing, students are encouraged to write poems, short stories and articles on a regular basis. These are read out by the writers themselves while others later critically appreciate the texts of their peers. If it is felt that a change is required to be made, the writers do the needful. These articles are then published in the school magazine. The club also organizes the Inter House Elocution Competition.


    The Computer Club is open to boys of Classes VI to VIII. This club of the school aims at discovering the computer wizards of the school to help them to take one step forward and emerge as completely developed software professionals. The few areas of specialization taken up in the agenda of the Club include Computer Programming, Website Development, Multimedia, Presentations and Computer Quizzing. One of the most popular clubs, the boys eagerly wait for the activities.


    Great physicist Albert Einstein once said “Most people say that it is the intellect which makes someone a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” and our Science Club provides a scope for a learner to do a lot of research work in the field of science. The club is very active throughout the year as one of the most active, well-disciplined, enthusiastic, renowned clubs enlightening and igniting young minds to think more efficiently, scientifically in a better way and coming up with more innovative ideas. The science club has significant resources at its disposal and is staffed with skilled personnel of all sorts ranging from well qualified lab assistants to highly experienced teachers.


    In the wake of the world facing serious threats from Global Warming, Climate Change and other Environmental issues, the children of the Nature Club of Birla High School are very aware and sensitive towards their surroundings. They have been successful in making a difference in the cleaning up of the nearby Albert Park, winning the Better Kolkata Contest, raising awareness for protecting the Gangetic Dolphins, planting trees etc.  The members have organized the Backseat Buddies Campaign wherein the students of the school were encouraged to travel by pool cars or use public transport. The Recycled Waste Competition is also organized by this club.  


    A very popular and active club, the Heritage Club, very ably led by competent and enthusiastic teachers encourages the boys to learn about the rich heritage of our country. They participate in many heritage walks and also organize a “Living Memory” exhibition, showcasing old and forgotten heritage items at homes. The club organizes talks and also maintains scrap books on the heritage of India.



    A very successful club of the school, the Debate Club trains, incorporates, instills and develops the skill of debating with conviction and logical reasoning. The club encourages the boys to put their points across in an eloquent and assertive way. The L.N. Birla Memorial Debate, a yearly event organized by the school, acts as a stepping stone and is an effort in the attainment of spotting the best debaters from the city who have carved a niche in the art of debating even after they have left school.



    One of the most interesting and active clubs in school, the Health and Wellness Club instills a sense of health and hygiene among the members of the club as well spreads awareness in the school. Spearheading Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme in school, this club has been successful in cleaning up the common areas. The children are also taught healthy culinary skills, making health drinks, snacks etc. 


    This club has been bringing out acting talent in the school over the years, winning many drama competitions like the MP Birla Smarak Kosh One Act Play competition and the British Council organized Inter School One Act Play Competition to name a few. They have also been successful in putting up excellent plays during the Annual Day. Boys are encouraged to hone their acting skills through voice modulation, actions, pronunciation, breathing exercises etc. 


    The school believes that its students should have compassion and empathy for fellow citizens and this club is very successful in encouraging their members to work for others. The annual “Daan Utsav” is organized by this club and the students have been able to fulfill the wishes of other children living in special homes, distributing groceries to the Child Rehabilitation Centre, collecting medicines for the Rural Healthcare Foundation, sponsored a school in the tribal areas of West Bengal etc. The students also put up snacks counters to collect funds for the activities undertaken. The members of this club learn to put service before self. 


    Composing a good picture, spotting the unusual, learning to keep a look out for good photographs is what is taught in this club. The boys also make short films for the Intach Filmit competition and have many laurels for the school. Taking the help of a professional photographer, the Photography Club has instilled great interest among the budding photographers of our school, who are seen running around with their cameras to click the rarest of photographs. 


    This club has members who play various musical instruments, Western or Eastern. They get together to synchronize music with each other and create new tunes and sounds. The school band club attracts enthusiastic musicians of our school who together create a wonderful symphony.



    The boys of our school, driven with ambition, join this club to have “fun” with Mathematics. They are taught innovative ways of solving problems, doing calculations all while enjoying the subject. One of the most sought after clubs of the school, the boys like to join this club to hone and sharpen their Mathematical skills.



    Chess has evolved into a well-loved strategy game among people of all ages since it was first played in Afghanistan back in 600 AD.  Since the very nature of the game calls for mental acuity and perceptiveness among many other skills, a person’s expertise in the game can easily convince someone else of his overall intellectual adeptness.  A very popular game of strategy and planning, tactics and concentration, this club encourages the boys to settle down and play a game of chess. With a professional chess player to guide them, the boys are taught various moves of the game and have been able to participate and win various tournaments held in the city.


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Principal's Message

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Birla High School stands tall since it’s inception in 1941 as one of the leading CBSE schools in India. With a rich legacy of over seventy seven years, the school epitomi...

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