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China Visit

  • Indo China Exchange Programme, 2017

    Kuming Visit – Ms. Indrani Banerjee and Mr. R.P.S. Dhir along with eight students from the school visited Kunming No 8 during the Puja break(10.10.17-17.10.17). The trip itinerary was beautifully designed. While the students and teachers spend the weekdays in school either attending or taking classes, over the weekend, they were taken to West Hill and Diam Lake. They also enjoyed day tours to Guandu Ancient Town and Stone Forest.

    Ms. Banerjee took history classes and introduced the Chinese students to the times of Ancient India and the Mughal period. Mr. Dhir conducted basketball lessons.

    Chinese Exchange Programme( July,2017).

    Sixteen students and four teachers, Mr. Qiu Jun Deputy Principal, Ms Li Qi, Ms He Qianqian and Mr. Chen Xiaobing from Kunming number 8 High School visited Kolkata from the 22nd -29th July as part of the Chinese Exchange Programme.


    Pacific Forum of Science Talented - 2017

    VINOBA PANDEY of XI SC A and ADITYA CHOPRA of XI SC C took part in Asia-Pacific forum for Science Talented- 2017 in Taiwan from 1st July to 6th July, 2017. Fifteen countries participated in this competition. Vinoba Pandey has won "Best Presentation Award" and Aditya Chopra has won "Most Popular Presentation Award" in this competition.

    China-Kunming no 8 High School - Exchange Program

    1. Six teachers from Kunming No 8, Ms.Tan Yalan, Ms.Zhang Ying, Ms.Wu Xiaoling, Mr.Shen Xiaoyang, Mr.Zhang Li and Mr.Li Weiqiang visited us from the 5th to the 12th November,2016 for the Teachers Exchange Program for this year.

    2. 15 Students and two teachers visited Kunming No 8 from the 15th to 22nd October 2016.


    Birla High School and Sushila Birla Girls' School who are partners with Kunming number 8 High School hosted fifteen students and two teachers, Ms. Duan Yun and Mr Zhao Qingpin in Kolkata from the 23rd -29th July 2016 as part of the Chinese School Exchange Programme.

    China-Kunming no 8 High School

    Three teachers Mr. Asit Kumar Maiti, Mr. Goutam Ghosh and Ms Pallavi Bhansali  of our school went to Kunming School No. 8, Kunming in China along with three teachers of Sushila Birla Girls’ School as a part of Teachers Exchange Programme from 8th to 14th May 2016.

    Mr. Madan Saraff, Principal of the School of Chinese Language helped us start the Chinese School Exchange Programme and as decided, the Leaders of the Chinese and Indian Schools would visit each other post which the student and teacher exchanges would take place.


    Birla High School

    Kunming No 8 High School

    September 2013

    Ms R.Bibra (Secretary Genral) Ms. S. Bose(Principal –SBGS),Ms Purnima Ravindaran and Ms. Renuka Chotrani (Coordinators-Outreach Programme)


    January 2014


     Ms. Li Lihua (Principal), Mr. Zhang Zijian (Deputy Principal), Mr. Chen Chao (Director of Teaching Affairs –Dean), Ms. Zhao Jian (Director of the International Department)

    May 2014

    Ms Kakoli Biswas, Mr. C.D.Bangal and Ms Sumitra Ghosal


    July 2014


    Mr. Wang and Ms Lou

    October 2014

    Ms. Sumita Acharya and seven students


    November 2014


    Ms Ling Ling, Ms Han Li, Mr. Weng Dian Lin, Ms Zhao Jia Qin, Ms Song Jie and Ms Duan Rui

    May 2015

    Sudeshna Sengupta, Balaka Dasgupta and Ms Chandra Paik


    July 2015


    Ms. Li Jin and Ms Dou Huaiyu

    October 2015

    Ms. L.Agarwal and seven students.


    November 2015


    Ms Sa Rui, Mr. Li Haoyu, Ms. Tang Jia, Ms Li Xuan, Ms Zhang Lianghong and Ms.Wu Min

    The leaders visits from India and China laid the foundation of the Exchange Programme between the Schools. This started the Cultural Exchange between the schools. Every visit the schools taught each other something new and unique in the areas of Music, Art, Physical Education, Chinese history and culture. They were keen to learn English from their Indian partners.



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Principal's Message

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