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    The Inter-House Quiz Competition 2022 was conducted on 10 th August’22 in the school AVR amongst the six different houses of the school. The first phase comprised classes VI - VIII, there were 3 participants from each house. Ashok house was the winner with 120 points and Best Quizzer was Syamantak Banerjee.


    The Inter House Debate competition for classes VI-VIII was held on the 27 of July 2022 at the School AVR. The Judges panel comprised Ms. Sumita Acharya, Ms. Indrani Banerjee and Mr. Mario Joseph. Participants from all the six houses spoke either for or against the topic which read, “The House believes that children under 14 should not be allowed on social media sites”. The session was moderated by Mr. Pushkar Pandey, an ex- pupil of Birla High school. After a strong battle of words, the judges unanimously decided to award Arman Gangwal, class 8, Pratap House, as the Best Speaker. Kushgra Roy, class 6, Netaji House, was awarded the Best Floor speaker. The Best Team prize was awarded to Pratap House, the members were Arman Gangwal, Nilesh Ghosh and Ali Asgar Kapadia. Certificates of Participation were handed over to all the debaters.

    The virtual Inter House Debate was held on Saturday, 26th June, 2021. The topic for the debate was ‘Medical Science has failed humanity in the Covid-19 Pandemic.The best Q panelist was awarded to Udit Arun Nath while the best team went to Pushkar Pandey and Nakshat Pandey of Shivaji House. The Best Speaker award was given to Nakshat Pandey of Shivaji House.

    Inter House Quiz Competition- August 2020

    The Inter House Quiz was organised on August 15th  2020 . Somnath Chandra was the Quiz Master . Ashok House represented by Ram Daftari , Siddharth Gupta ( class IX)  and Mitansh Agarwal of (Class VIII) emerged winners and Aarav Kumar of Class VII won the best quizzer award.

    Theme Of the Quiz: India

    The Inter House Quiz was a unique Virtual Quiz. It was very interesting and enjoyed by the participants and viewers. It was telecasted live on Facebook. 


    July, 2018

    Inter-House Quiz Competition 2018

    The 16th Inter-House Quiz was held in the Vidya Mandir Auditorium on 20th July, 2018. The Quiz was organized for the middle school i.e. for classes 6,7,8 and the senior school i.e. 9,10.
    Kishalay Banerjee and Ishan Palit were the Quiz Masters for the day. It was an interesting Quiz. The students and teachers enjoyed it. The Quiz Masters are the ex-students of Birla High School. In the Middle School, Shivaji House got the first position with 165 points and in the Senior School Gandhi House bagged the first position with 190 points.
    The final winners adding the points of the Middle School and Senior School was Netaji House with 370 points.
    Aarush Pahari got the best Quizzer Award for the Middle School and Aaditya Chowdhury got the best Quizzer Award for Senior School.

    June, 2018

    Inter-House Debate Competition

    The Inter-house Debate competition for the session 2018-19 was held on 27th June, 2018 in the Vidya Mandir Auditorium. Classes 9 and 10 had their debate in the first half of the day on the topic Peer pressure is more harmful than beneficial to individuals while classes 11 and 12 had it in the second half on the topic Technology hampers human creativity”. The Chairperson for both debates was Mr. Indrajeet Bannerjie, an ex- student of Birla High School, who is currently studying at the West Bengal National University of Judicial Sciences. The judges for classes 9 and 10 were Ms. Indrani Banerjee and Ms. Malancha Majumdar and the judges for classes 11 and 12 were the undersigned and Ms. Uma Rajan. It was an enthralling debate with equally strong arguments proposed by both the proposition and the opposition. The house which emerged as the best house among classes 9 and 10 was Pratap house with Jai Suryank Purwar and Manav Sindhi as its members. The best speaker award was bagged by Jai Suryank Purwar of class 10 E representing Pratap House. Bagging the prize for the best team among class 11 and 12 was none other than Gandhi house with Aalekh Roychoudhary and Arinjoy Banerjee as its members. Last but not the least, winning the best speaker award was Aalekh Roychoudhary from Gandhi House.

    All in all it was a marvelous experience witnessed by both teachers and students.

    December, 2017

    Inter House IT Competition, 2017.

    The Computer Club of Birla High School organized an Inter House IT Competition on 20th December, 2017.The competition comprised of two sessions. Classes 6 to 8 participated in the first session and classes 9 and 10 participated in the second session. The event was judged by the IT teachers of Birla High School Jr. section and Sushila Birla Girls’ School. N.Aravind(6C),Sarbo Sarcar (7B), Divyansh Gupta(8B) of Netaji House was the winner in the first session while Vansh Bothra(9C) and Arsalan Hamzah(10 E) of Tagore House was the winner in the second.

    September, 2017

    Inter House Debate,2017

    The inter-house debate competition was held on 13th of September 2017 in the auditorium, Birla High School. We witnessed some mind boggling overflow of wit and intelligence of the young minds of 6th, 7th and 8th standards of Birla High School, Kolkata.

    The first position was achieved by the Shivaji house scoring a spectacular 139 marks.

    Followed by Shivaji house was the Gandhi house scoring 138.

    In the third position we had the Ashok house with 129 marks.

    The fourth position was bagged by the Netaji house with 126 marks.

    Tagore house came fifth with a score of 125.

     Followed by the Tagore house we had the Pratap house with a score of 116.

    Shivaji house with their wisdom, wit and intelligence was declared as the Best Team.

    Aditya Naskar with his brilliant combating capability and intelligence bagged the prize for the Best Speaker.

    Devyansh Kothari with his extraordinary speech was declared as the Best Floor Speaker.

    The boys received an overall enriching experience and a genuine feel of debating for a particular motion.



    Inter House Quiz,2017

    The Inter-House Quiz was started in the year 2003 in Birla High School. The 15th  Inter House Quiz was held on Friday, 4th August 2017. 

    Mr Kinshuk Biswas,who is an ex-student of Birla High School, was the Quiz Master. He is a very renowned quizzer of the city. It was a tough competition between the 6 Houses.

    Questions on sports,culture,heritage,current affairs were asked to the students. There was a pounce round which was very scoring for the teams who knew the answer. Audience questions were also asked which created interest among the students. Ashok House was the winner in the middle school and Gandhi House was the winner in the senior school. At the end of the quiz certificates were given to all the participants,best team and best quizzer.Karan Mahipal of Ashok House was given the best quizzer award in the middle school. Arihant Saraogi of Gandhi House was given the best quizzer award in the senior school. 

    JULY 2017

    Inter House Elocution

    The  Inter-house  Elocution  Contest  of  2017-18  was  held  at  Vidya Mandir  Auditorium  on  Tuesday, the  18th  of  July,  2017:-  with  great  enthusiasm




    Akshat  Jain – Class 6B  Pratap House

    Nipun  Mandhani- Class  6B  Tagore House


    Rajmit  Banerjee- Class  6A  Netaji  House

    Anish  Duari- Class 6B  Pratap House


    Param  Palanna- Class  6B  Tagore  House

    Yasharth  Agarwal- Class 6C  Gandhi  House



    Aditya Naskar- Class-8D  Shivaji House

    Ushnish Sen-Class 8E Netaji House


    Chayan Banerjee- Class 7B  Netaji House

    Sandipta Chatterjee-Class 7A  Tagore House


    Harshit Patwari- Class 8D  Shivaji House

    Atharva Chaudhury- Class 7A  Netaji  House



    Skand Sharma- Class 10C  Shivaji House

    Ritam Bose-Class 9C  Gandhi House

    Jayesh Suryank Purwar- Class 9E  pratap House


    Anish Nag-Class 10B  Pratap House

    Himaghna  Bandyopadhyay-Class 9A  Shivaji  House


    Aryan Tripathi- Class 10B  Shivaji House

    Sarvesh Gupta- Class 10B  Pratap House


    June 2017

    Inter-house Debate

    The students of classes IX and X witnessed an epic battle of words at the inter-house debate competition, held at Vidya Mandir Auditorium on the 30th  of June, 2017. The event was chaired by Abhirup Manna, an excellent MUNer and Orator himself.  The motion for the day was, “Television is not an effective tool in building the minds of children.” The Best Speaker award went to Jai Suryank Purwar of Pratap House, who was standing strongly against the motion. Aman Desai of Tagore House was adjudged the Best Q-Panelist and Pratap House emerged victorious, winning the Best House Award.

    For classes XI & XII , the participants exhibited their skills on the topic "Money motivates people more than any other factor in the world".Gandhi house was declared as the best team and Abhirup Manna of Pratap house was given the recognition of the best speaker. Aalekh Roychowdhury of Gandhi House was adjudged the best Q-Panelist  .



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Principal's Message

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