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  • The coverage had come in Monday's Times of India, NIE 30/04/2018, Orientation Programme (Std 6 to 8)

    The coverage had come in Tuesday's NIE 25/07/2017,L.N.Birla debate

    Felicitation Ceremony:

    Celebration of Students high achievements

    Times NIE 21.7.2017


    Birla High School celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017


    Congratulations to Birla High School Boys


    Heartiest Congratulations to Shivam Singh-(Rank 28 in AIIMS)

    Report on the counselling session by Mr. Malaya Khandelwal

    The students of classes IX, X, XI and XII of Birla High School had to attend an interactive session with Mr. Malaya Khandelwal on 25 April 2017, at the Vidya Mandir Auditorium. Being a student of The Hindi High School, Mr. Khandelwal felt tremendously connected to the students of Birla High School . He also felt privileged to be able to give back to school, part of what he had received as a student. He had undergone a four year undergraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras. He went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He was awarded a fellowship at the university. He was subsequently also awarded a grant from National Science Foundation, USA, to work on self deployable structures for space. He found his final call in teaching where the love and trust from his students was his greatest achievement. Mr. Khandelwal suggested students to look for excellence in whatever they do and focus on the future of human race. The youth should be made aware of the importance of logic. The initial exposure to it would be in the form of solving puzzles. It is very important that we are able to grasp our logical thinking. Students should get exposed to artificial learning as everything will get replaced except emotion and kindness. Mr. Khandelwal then introduced to his fellow companion Mr. Brijesh, a machine learning expert, working for American Express. He apprised the students about the objectives of machine learning. He also discussed on the extensive use of face book, and other social media. Students were made aware that technology was not evenly distributed and that not everyone has a gadget to use. Thus solving puzzles can be exposed to disorganised learning. An interactive session was held where students were asked to solve a few puzzles. The questions were storm raising and created a lot of interest among students. The objective of solving puzzles can be exposed to disorganised learning. Mr. Brijesh also spoke to students about new job opportunities.




    BHS-(Class XII-Board Result (2017) - Topper)




    BHS - Class XI Orientation Programme, 2017- 2018


    BHS – Inter House Debate Competition held on 30th November 2016. The topic was “Tourism is Beneficial for the Economy of a Nation”. The judges’ adjudged Pratap House as the winning team.


    The Intach Filmit Film Festival was held on 2nd February 2017 at the Audio Visual Room of Birla High School.

    The imaginative work of young artistic minds was screened that morning, showcasing the hard work of so many students from various eminent schools of Kolkata. 

    BHS won 2 awards. One was for "Best Original Score" and the other was for "Film with the Best Message".


    Birla High School has a tradition of bidding adieu to the senior most batch of the school in a glorious fashion with fun & frolic.

    Farewell date: 28th Jan 2017



    Saraswati Puja, was celebrated on the 1st of February, 2017, the teachers and students of Birla High School came together to seek the blessings of Goddess of knowledge, music, art and culture. 


    Students of BHS  were present on the 2nd  of January for a convocation regarding higher education in Japan.

    Mr Hiroshi Yoshino (Advisor , University of Tokyo), Mr Yuji Nishikawa (Indian Representative for Japanese Science and Technology Programme), Mr Taga , (Consul General of Japan to India), were the dignitaries present in the programme.

    Mr Yoshino talked about India as a young power and Japan as a leading Centre in technology. In addition to information regarding undergraduate and graduate education opportunities


    Birla High School takes its social responsibility seriously. Road Safety is one such measure which the school promotes in a big way with the help of the Kolkata Traffic Police.

    The target of the No Horn and Road Safety Campaign is to control the noise created in the vicinity by noisy drivers with no consideration for the traffic rules. 


    BHS students attend Workshop at Americn Centre on Hacking Space.

    The American Centre in association with the Science city organised a workshop on 'Hacking space' on 29th of June.

    Times of India NIE

    Date : 23.08.2016 


    Parent Orientation at BHS for classes IX & X

    The orientation programme for classes IX and X was held on the 23rd of June , Thursday.

    The Telegraph In School

    Date : 09.08.2016

    Birla High  Observes Yoga day

    On 21st June, World yoga day, the teachers and students of Birla High School put up a spectacular showcasing yoga with enthusiasm  and verve.

    The Telegraph In School

    Date : 01.08.2016

    Fire Safety & Security Drill

    The FDSS Council( Fire Defence Safety & Security Council) conducted an awareness programme “SISHU SURAKSHA” on the occasion of Fire Safety Week.

    Times of India NIE

    Date : 27.07.2016


    On 29.4.2016 and 2.5.2016 two students of Class XII Com C & Humanities, Soham Chakraborty and Chirag Basu, conducted a session on Cyber Security for the students of class IX. The 40 mins. sessions aimed at sensitizing the class IX students on the ways in which they could practice cyber safety.It was an interactive session with a power point presentation.

    Times of India NIE

    Date : 22.07.2016


    The  Annual Prize Distribution 2015-2016 ceremony was an occasion to acclaim the achievements of the students of Birla High School who have attained excellence in academic and co-curricular spheres through their dedicated efforts and perseverance. Felicitating the achievers not only motivates them to set new benchmarks for themselves, but also spurs on their peers to aim for similar heights.

    Times of India

    Date : 18.07.2016


    Three teachers Mr. Asit Kumar Maiti, Mr. Goutam Ghosh and Ms Pallavi Bhansali  of our school went to Kunming School No. 8, Kunming in China along with three teachers of Sushila Birla Girls’ School as a part of Teachers Exchange Programme from 8th to 14th May 2016.

    Salaam Duniya

    Date: 18.07.2016



    Crucial programmes on Career Counselling were organized during this month for students of Classes X, XI and XII to apprise them of opportunities of pursuing various careers in the United States of America.

    On 11th August, representatives from 15 reputed North American Universities visited the school acquainting the students with the unique features of each institution. The entire programme was organized by KIC  an organization which collaborates with North American Universities, enabling them to successfully advance their global engagement. It was a rewarding session as not only the students but also the parents had an opportunity to interact personally with the representatives between 2 pm to 2. 45 pm. The Representatives that they had an opportunity to meet were from the Universities of Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Missouri, Cincinnati, California, Arizona, Buffalo, Iowa, New York, Savannah College of Art and Design, Purdue, Pepperdine, Michigan, John Carroll University and DC Penn University. It was an amazing experience for the students to realize how diversified learning has become.




    Odyssey was one of the many events to rule the hearts of the students in July. The months of rigorous planning that went behind this, the tireless effort of the committee members all culminated to a rapturous performance by the participating eleven schools all vying to reach the top. The band, the dance, the quiz, the turncoat debate, the Ham, and the music and fashion kept the young audience glued to their seats wishing for more. The NGO events where the participating schools trained the children to discover their latent talents were heartwarming. The music and melody of Sanam Puri’s band and Shane Harriepreet charmed the audience. Birla High School lifted the coveted 1st Prize with Modern High School in the second position. It was an event where happiness was redefined and friendships intensified.




    Forty-six students of our school visited the library of Goethe Institute following an invitation sent to school. They were given a fair idea of how to enhance their language skills using different media like, storybooks, films, music etc. The children enjoyed a German film on friendship, school and growing up which was followed by a quiz equally enjoyable. 


    Experiences at International Exchange Programmes.

     The team of teachers visiting Kunming No. 8 High School comprised teachers from History, Science and Craft Departments. Teachers took classes VII to X teaching English, History, Chemistry and Art and Music. The lessons were accompanied with power point presentation and the content was translated in Chinese by the interpreters. It was a great experience to teach a well known Tagore song to the Chinese students.


    Orientation Programme for Classes XI was held to provide exhaustive information to the parents and answer their queries. The importance of maintaining attendance criteria, punctuality, discipline, time management, the various examinations and remedial and contact classes  was explained minutely by the Coordinators Ms. Suparna Mukherjee . Ms. Mukta Nain, Principal primarily emphasized on time management, healthy food habits and discipline in and outside school. Parents were reminded of not approaching any school teacher for tuitions. The Counsellors Ms. Joyeeta Mojumder and Ms. Soumita Sinha talked about the need to release stress, to get adequate exercise and sleep, and the tips on how to focus.




    The Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the school kicked off with a Musical Extravaganza, “The Kind and I” presented by our students and directed by Ms Katy Lai Roy, on 6th, 7th and 8th May 2015 at the Vidya Mandir Auditorium. It was a joint endeavour of Senior and Junior Section, where the performers almost numbering 100 transported the audience into the wonder world of music, dance and drama with their charismatic performance. Months of painstaking effort by the cast and crew of the musical ,paid off as the audience  totally enraptured , enjoyed  every move  and every melody of this spectacular performance.


    Orientation Programme for IX and X was held to provide a comprehensive view of the expectations of the school to the parents and clarify their queries. The importance of attendance , punctuality, discipline, time management, the various examinations, remedial classes and CCE was explained minutely by the Coordinators  Ms. Kakoli Guha, Ms. Debasri Saha of the Mathematics department enlightened the audience on CCE. Ms. Mukta Nain, Principal primarily emphasized on time management, healthy fand discipline in and outside school.


Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal

Birla High School stands tall since it’s inception in 1941 as one of the leading CBSE schools in India. With a rich legacy of over seventy seven years, the school epitomi...

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