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September 2019

  • Cool Climate Celebration 

    A group of enthusiastic students belonging to Classes VIII and IX represented Birla High School and participated in an event named, " A Sustainable Dialogue  Engagement with Youth ", held on Saturday, the 28th September, 2019 between 11:30Am and 2:30Pm.

    The occasion was Climate Diplomacy Week, 2019, organised in collaboration with the German Consulate in Kolkata.

    The environment-friendly event was held at Emami Art Building and the venue was the 5th floor of Kolkata Centre for Creativity. The students of Birla High School put up an illustrated talk entitled, 'Cool Climate Celebration'  with regards to the interesting Biodiversity and Community of East Kolkata Wetlands. The students concern for East Kolkata Wetlands :- the Kidneys of Kolkata and the most important asset of the city was appreciated by the audience and the organisers as well.

    “The Birla High School students presentation was very impressive” ; as praised by

      Ms. Nobina Gupta ;  Director/Curator Disappearing Dialogues Collective.

    Science Exhibition

    Like every year this year also Birla High School organized the School Science Exhibition on 24th September 2019, a competition cum display where young contestants of classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 showcase their talents by making models, experiments and charts. Excellent models were displayed at above mentioned labs by students of different classes.

    The enthusiasm and interest of students was remarkable. Near about 55 models/experiments/charts were displayed and demonstrated by 120 students. It was a learning experience for the visiting students from other classes. It was very encouraging and highly motivating for the students to see the the Principal, Coordinators, Teachers and Staff members of the school visiting the exhibition.

    Workshop on Cyber Security


    'Cyber Surakshit', a workshop on Cyber Security was organised at the Vidya Mandir auditorium for the students of Birla High School on 24th September, 2019. The two hour workshop was facilitated by Mr. Rakshit Tandon who is an international and a well known internet expert. He has also been an ethical hacker for the last nineteen years. Mr. Tandon has been associated with various intelligence organisations and State Police Departments (Cyber Wing) in his professional career. 

    The session started with the greeting of Mr. Tandon by Ms. Saigal, the Principal of Birla High School. Mr. Tandon, then took the proceedings forward addressing the various online problems faced by the youth in recent times. Some of the areas that Mr. Tandon threw light on were the using of technology judiciously and handling the internet in a smart and sensible way to avoid any unwanted scenario.

    He highlighted the changing behavioural patterns of children when they are not given access to the smart world of technology. Mr. Tandon told the audience about the need and the various ways of protecting the smart phone or any other social interface which they use regularly. He even suggested some steps and precautionary measures which can be adopted by netizens to be safe online.

    The session ended with the facilitator making his audience aware about the concept of smart password and how to make secured online transactions. The need of using RFID blocking wallet was also enumerated to protect one from the misuse of tap and pay card.

    The session ended with an interactive exchange where students were given an opportunity to clear their doubts regarding the handling of internet or any other relevant issue.

    Inter House Elocution Competition 2019

    The Middle School Inter House Elocution Competition 2019 was held at the Vidya Mandir Auditorium on 25th September, 2019. There were three participants from each of the  six houses in the English, Hindi and Bengali categories. Class 6 students were in Group A and students of classes 7 and 8 were in  Group B. 

    The theme chosen for Group A was 'Fun and Humour' and 'Indian Poets' was the  theme for the students in Group B in the English category. 

    The results are as follows:


    GROUP A  (Class 6)

    1st. Vedant Nair Netaji House

    2nd. Pritesh Lahiri Gandhi House

    GROUP B (Classes 7 and 8)

    1st. Ram Daftari Ashok House

    2nd.Nipun Mandhani Tagore House


    GROUP A (Class 6 )

    1st.Aditya Banerjee Gandhi House AND

     Debojyoti Biswas Pratap House

    2nd. Writam Dasgupta Tagore House

    GROUP B ( Classes 7 and 8)

    1st.Dhrubangshu Saha Netaji House

    2nd.Anish Duari Pratap House


    GROUP A ( Class 6)

    1st Priyansh Vyas Pratap House

    2nd Krishank Surekha Shivaji House

    GROUP B (Classes 7 and 8)

    1st. Ronit Agarwal Pratap House

    2nd. Samir Ribiawala Shivaji House



    The Teachers’ Day celebration by The Managment,2019

    The Teachers’ Day celebration of the various institutes under the aegis of Vidya Mandir Society was held on 14 September, 2019 from 11 am onward at the Vidya Mandir Auditorium. The occasion was graced by Mrs Meenakshi Birla, the Deputy Secretary General, Mr Banerjee and the Director of Birla High School - Moira Street and Mukundapur, Ms Nain. The Secretary General, Vidya Mandir Society, Brig. V. N Chaturvedi, gave his welcome address. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Swami Nikhileshwaeananda, Head of Vadodara Centre of Ramkrishna  Mission. Swami ji addressed the august gathering. His inspiring talk sprinkled with witticism and anecdotes was well received.

    The much awaited award ceremony saw teachers of the various institutes being felicitated and honoured. The following teachers of Birla High School were proud recipients of these awards under the categories mentioned below:

    BEST TEACHER: Mr A. K Ghosh, Science Dept.



    BEST CLASS TEACHER: Mr R. Sengupta, English Dept.

    MOST INNOVATIVE TEACHER: Mr A. Bhattacharya,Science Dept.

    S. P BANERJEE AWARD: Ms. A. Dutta, I.T Dept. and Mr C. Banerjee, I.T Dept.

    There were twelve teachers who were honoured and felicitated too as they had braved all odds to attend school every day in the last session.They received the 100% attendance award.

     The vote of thanks was delivered by the Director, Ms Nain. Lastly, a sumptuous lunch was served at the end of the award ceremony.

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal

Birla High School stands tall since it’s inception in 1941 as one of the leading CBSE schools in India. With a rich legacy of over seventy seven years, the school epitomi...

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