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Notice No.40/2021-22 10/12/2021


    Message from the Counsellors -

    Welcome back to school dear students. It has been quite some time you have been away from school and have adapted well to the virtual mode of learning. But now since the scenario has improved to some extent and slowly things are getting normalized, the West Bengal government has decided to reopen the senior section of the schools following all COVID protocols. As such our school has reopened for classes 9 to 12 and every step has been taken to ensure the safety of the students and staff. We understand that you are super excited to rejoin school after such a long gap but at the same time you are apprehensive as well. Let us share with you a few points that will help you to adjust well with this new situation

    Do not panic rather be informed and follow the COVID guidelines – wearing mask properly, washing/sanitising hands frequently, maintaining a safe physical distance, avoid being in a crowded area, etc.

    Bring your own stationary, tiffin and water. Avoid sharing such things with your friends.

    Refrain from any sort of physical touch.

    Try to overcome your fear and phobia regarding COVID-19. Remember we have to get back to our normal mode of functioning

    Excessive fear might lead to panic which in turn might affect your normal functioning. So think positive and motivate yourself to take up this challenge of facing the situation in a better way.

    Focus on improving your immunity by having balanced diet, regular exercising, having adequate sleep.

    Relaxation is a key to rejuvenate your mind and body. So keep some time during the day to unwind yourself, do something you enjoy and is constructive.

    We understand that use of internet has become an integral part of our life. But please use it judiciously. Over exposure has a negative impact on your attention, concentration, memory and your performance as a whole. It might also lead to restlessness, irritability, aggression as well as depression which as a whole might have a detrimental effect on your future life.

    Plan your day ahead, follow a schedule, do organized target based studies with stress on written work.

    Avoid information overload related to COVID-19. Be informed but do not overburden yourself.

    .The pandemic situation has affected the mental state of each person, some might have gone through a very difficult situation as well. But remember we have to cope with it and march ahead, life cannot come  to a standstill.

    If there is anything that is disturbing you mentally/emotionally and you are finding it hard to cope with, we are always there to help you.


    Soumita Sinha & Joyeeta Mojumder

    School Counsellors

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal

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