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Notice No.25/2023-24 21/11/2023



    Classes III, V and VIII

    BHS/CIR – 58 / 23-24                                                                                                      Date: 21.11.23                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Dear Parents,


    While several external tests are being taken round the year, this year we would like the students to participate in an ongoing internationally representative assessment test called ASSET developed by Educational Initiatives – A team of IIM-Ahmedabad Alumni. We are preparing our children for tomorrow and hence it is important for us to understand how well students are learning with the help of experts in this field. As per NEP 2020 guidelines & SAFAL, classes 3 onwards should have competency-based assessments.

    ASSET is a skilled based, diagnostic & benchmark assessment. Our students will appear for the English, Math and Science assessment tests.

    Over 6000 schools have incorporated ASSET as part of their curriculum and over 2 MILLION children have taken ASSET so far over the past fifteen years. The test consists only of multiple-choice questions and provides feedback on students’ vocabulary levels, their ability to comprehend texts in varied formats, apply the concepts taught in real life situations and develop a love for learning and understanding new things.

    All students will receive a Certificate and the ASSET Student MyBook. The ASSET Student MyBook is a personalized instructional material for each student based on the results. It contains: the detailed result highlighting the student’s strengths and weaknesses; practice questions along with the explanations and answers for the concepts that     the student is weak in.

    We are quite convinced that students will not only enjoy doing the ASSET tests as they are stress free and require no prior preparation but will also benefit greatly from the individualized analysis and remedials in the form of practice questions. Please visit for more information on how ASSET is helping children and schools across the country. Children can register themselves to to get practice questions.

    Participation in the above-mentioned tests is compulsory for all students of Classes III, V and VIII and the cost will be borne by the school.

    The details about ASSET is mentioned in the brochure attached.

    We look forward to your continued support towards the initiatives taken by the school in helping our children learn better.



    Loveleen Saigal,




Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mrs. Loveleen Saigal

Birla High School stands tall since it’s inception in 1941 as one of the leading CBSE schools in India. With a rich legacy of over seventy seven years, the school epitomi...

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