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Notice No.01/2020-21 06/04/2020

  • A message from the Counsellors


    Hello children! Hope all of you are adjusting to the current situation and following the guidelines as well as the rules and regulations to stay safe and healthy. A greater part of the world is facing a serious threat caused by the Corona virus. The increasing number of people affected and the casualties thereof is quite stressful. Staying indoors 24/7, not being able to go to school, meet and play with friends, etc. are making our lives even more boring. But as you can well understand, it is our responsibility to save ourselves as well as our country and thus we have to stay at home till the time we are allowed to go back to our normal routine life. Meanwhile it is better to utilise this time in a positive and productive way rather than getting bored and stressed.

    Sharing with you some guidelines to spend this lockdown period productively:

    • Some free hand exercise, yoga, pranayama, walking on the terrace or garden if possible

    • Spending quality time with your family members at home – watching shows together, playing indoor games, initiating discussion on meaningful topics

    • Helping aged family members like your grandparents, helping your parents with their household work

    • This is the time you can utilise for pursuing your long cherished hobby. Those of you do not have one, this is high time that you develop one

    • Read good story books, watch good movies, listen to music

    • You can also sharpen your drawing and painting skills

    • You can learn to cook your  favourite dish or bake a cake

    • For the potential singer or musician – high time for you to compose something

    • The budding creative writer can also utilise this time writing a story, a poem or even an interesting experience

    • You can also attend short online courses on photography, coding, web development, etc.

    • Please do not neglect your studies. Regular fixed hours of study is a must

    • Follow the virtual classes that your teachers are uploading for you

    • Practice mathematics and number based subjects regularly  

    • Practice English grammar, composition, etc.

    • This is high time you can overcome your weak areas by giving more time to it

    • Focus on one negative aspect of yourself and try to rectify it

    • Eat healthy food, sleep for 7 – 8 hours a day

    • Do not panic, relax. If you feel stressed talk to your parents

    • Please do remember that using mobile phones is not the only way to overcome your boredom. So make a conscious effort to limit mobile phone usage

    • Be positive

    • Stay safe, stay at home


    See you soon

    Soumita Sinha & Joyeeta Mojumder


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Principal's Message

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